Meet the Team – Introducing the Founder and Creator of Innersense Consultants

Lilwen Selina Joynson, founder and creator of Innersense Consultants Ltd, is passionate about wellbeing in business, elevating performance and helping everyone achieve a work-life balance. With over 35 years of experience in agriculture and supporting roles, Lilwen works with a wide range of individuals and businesses from an agricultural background and other sectors.

Lilwen has also been improving herself for the last 13 years while working in human development and potential, working as a one to one business coach, group facilitator and counsellor.

Family, of course, is number one and Lilwens’ horses are included in that bracket of ‘family’; her father shared his passion of horses and Section A welsh mountain ponies are Lilwen’s guilty pleasure; you will often see her on the roads around her home training Rhys, her 3-year-old pony, or he is training her? Lilwen also recently became a grandmother or ‘mamgu’ in Welsh and wants to leave a better place of harmony, communication and freedom of choice.

In furtherance of that aim, Lilwen loves working with people and helping empower them to discover their own values and strengths, drawing on animals and namely horses in nature to do this.

If you would like to arrange an online session with Selina to begin your business transformation process, get in touch on

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