Juniper Fizz

Juniper Fizz, run by Darren Henson, sells fine gin and rum, all small batch, hand crafted and produced in the UK. A key part of the Juniper Fizz philosophy is Darren’s ‘Drink Well’ campaign, which is founded on the principle of mindful and sustainable consumption.

“At the time I was put in touch with Lilwen Selina, I had built the company up to go out, taste and meet people, because of Covid-19, that was not an option. As I couldn’t get people to taste before they buy, I had to stop, think and go in a different direction, moving to purely online was a new thing for me.”

“The coaching is great. The business experience is great. But it’s how she talks, how she communicates. Just the way she is, that is spot on.”

Would you recommend Lilwen as a business coach? “Yes! She’s really good; I saw how she helped a few of th others as well so I have no doubt that it would help anyone. At any stage of their business as well, not just those starting out.”


Enhanced clarity “I knew I wanted to help other people and businesses but when I dug into it, I realised I wanted to do that even more than building my own company and more than just making money, so it was nice to have that clarity. I also wanted to create my own gin but didn’t know how to go about that. Do I get someone to do that for me? Why don’t I learn how to do it myself? What would it look like? I am now in a position to start producing gin and rum myself and have my own brand out there.”

Increased profit “I’ve set up a number of new accounts with new people, built up the laser engraving side of the company and pushed on with making my own gin and rum. Every month over the last 6 months of 2020 was my best month and every month is better than the last.”

“The main thing I wanted to achieve from the coaching was clarity around what I wanted from the business and help in how to get a foothold in turning it from a hobby into a proper business – I definitely achieved that with Lilwen. Working with Lilwen is easy… She’s easy to get on with; a great communicator and she is inspirational. Lilwen makes you think beyond what you thought was possible”

“I hadn’t worked with a coach before and you can’t turn down an opportunity like that.”

“To start transforming your business today, contact us on or call 07964 302476.”

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