What Is Innersense Consultants

The InnerSense Consultants ™ programme is an innovative holistic approach to business consultancy. Empowering businesses to step into their authentic leadership roles in their industry. This program is designed to discover and create an awareness of the impact of behaviours and actions of the whole team and rebalance the values and beliefs of all members of the business. Nurturing wellness and healthy sustainable grounded business with elevated performance and profit.

Our Vision : Empowering People To Grow And Fulfil Beyond Their Wildest Dreams.

Welcome to Innersense Consultants

Holistic support to facilitate your business solutions from large to small business to start ups we have experienced people who really care about how your business succeeds. Coaching, mentoring and measuring results to elevate performance in the areas you say that matters to you. Taking your ideas and solutions from infancy to market, from brainstorming to goal setting and testing and delivering. Marketing and managing the structure and actions required to grow a sustainable and environmental profitable business with milestones and promises. We are there throughout the processes to nurture and sustain the faith and belief until we see the rewards.

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“Optimists enrich the present, enhance the future, challenge the improbable and attain the impossible”

William Arthur Ward

Our Mission

Creating adventurous leadership in business, elevating performance and holistically empowering people to grow their confidence and step out to create rich and fulfilling profitable business and magical lives. Coaching and consulting and curiously measuring results to discover and nurture from our hearts to theirs. Working alongside the power of horses in nature to align and ground people in wellbeing.


Is your mind always racing with chaotic and divergent thoughts? Are you stressed to the max?


Is there an experience of don't know where to start ? Are you concerned about if you can get it all done?


Is your staff or family members complaining you're not listening ? Are you tired of it all ?


Is your work life balance not great ? Are you running from one thing to the next ?

What our clients are feeling before they embark on the InnerSense Consultants Programme

What happens when your not clear on your business outcomes and goals ?
  • Inauthentic communication within the organisation.
  • Poor leadership and communication skills
  • Poor planning and structure for success.
  • Assuming all staff members and management are on the same page. to a point.
  • Poor sales and sales management

What if you were able to choose powerful beliefs and behaviours that influence winning results?

  • Calm and optimistic mindset
  • Growth and confident financial forecasts
  • Clear leadership and management
  • Powerful and effective team (delivery and sales)
  • Profitable and scalable business

What is the real impact on the business following Brexit and Covid 19:

  • How can we limit the losses right now and keep our business ?
  • What way can we immediately future proof our business ?
  • How could we turn this around into a win win ?
  • Where could we potentially reduce risk ?

Horses: Equine Assisted Learning

The horses bring the spirit element to our work via their interconnection with us and through us.

When we work with them and have them in our sessions in nature we see time and time again we are able to tap into our limitless potential and find balance seeing and feeling for ourselves when there is alignment and when there is not.

We work through any shifts required to find and become aware of our real self and our true purpose to be able to live authentically and to actively express our self expression and creative gifts.

“This is what I prayed for,’’ wrote the Roman poet Horace.

“A piece of land – not so very big, with a garden and, near the house, a spring that never fails, and a bit of wood to round it off.’’

Those words were set down more than 2000 years ago, around 30 B.C. It is easy to understand the emotion prompting them; we still recognize what Horace meant by a rural garden, a place to take refuge, as he did, from the irritations of city life.

Outcomes gained from the Programme Increased profits and hitting targets and measures

  • Clear communication between staff members and leaders
  • Clarity on the whole business vision
  • Increased vigour and energy
  • Leadership and trusting the staff or family members
  • Procedures and structure in place to manage results
  • Expanded business aligned with core values and purpose
  • Feelings of accomplishment and possibility
  • Increased sales
  • Regular management meetings to acknowledge and celebrate our wins and successes.
  • Online Programme via zoom
  • Face to Face
  • Field Work with Individual or Team
  • Gather current data the ‘what’s so’
  • Create cash flow projections
  • Implement working strategy for success

Our Team

Passionate about wellbeing in business and having a work life balance. Over 35 years in agriculture and in supporting roles. Developing herself for the last 13 years in human development and potential. Working as a one to one coach and a group facilitator and counsellor. Empowering others to discover their own values and strengths, drawing on animals and namely horses in nature to do this.

Lilwen Selina Joynson

Founder and Leader

Jon Williams

Strategic Partnerships

As soon as you meet Jon you will have no doubt about his passion and drive for Wales and sustainable business. With 35 years experience in the agricultural industry he joins us on the team. Whole Farm Improvement and Soil Management Expert. Helping farmers to lower environmental impact and increase farm profitability. As well as getting in deep to the thread and essense of the business.

A very kind, powerful women who values her word thats the first impression. Bronwen has had her own family practice in accounting for the past 22 years working with a variety of businesses in a rural community. Learning how people sometimes struggle with numbers and paperwork she knows how best to serve her clients. Her love and commitment to her family is of utmost importance and will be clear when working with her.

Bronwen Picton Jones

Strategic Partnerships

Holistic support to facilitate your business solutions from large established businesses to small start ups, we have experienced people who really care about how your business succeeds.

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