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JD Jones & Co Accountants is a family run accounting firm that was set up in 1974 and was taken over in 2003 by Bronwen Picton-Jones and is a partnership of 3 generations. Originally set up by her father, Bronwen was intrigued how equine assisted learning worked and despite not being keen on horses, she was “keen to see what their reaction would be to her fear”.

“I had no idea, not a clue of what to expect from coaching or the benefits I might get but I did realise I had a very clear idea of where I wanted to be and what I wanted to do, so it gave me a real clarity”

Would you recommend Lilwen as a business coach?


“I have been most impressed with her freshness and honesty. Also, whenever you get into her company, you feel immediately comfortable and that helps greatly with the facilitation.”

The Process

“When Lilwen took us into the field, she took us to an area away from the horses to begin with and instructed us to go and talk to the horses. While we did that, she watched us and the reaction of the horses. I felt a bit odd talking to the horses, who weren’t interested in us at all.

“The next stage was to build a scene out of some abstract objects, such as cones and hoops to portray my life as it was at that moment. Then you were asked to speak to the horses again and come back to the objects and lay them out in a way to portray how you would like life to be. Finally, Lilwen spoke to me about how the horses responded to my movements as I carried out these tasks.

“I am quite afraid of making a fool of myself in front of others so this process wasn’t always comfortable but these tasks help you realise what’s going on in your life and pinpoint areas that need sorting out. Lilwen doesn’t pinpoint them for you but brings them out from you.”


As a result of the activities done in the field, you “put these things together and you have the opportunity to realise what’s going on in your life that you didn’t realise were actually a real headache and pinpoint areas of life that needed sorting out. Lilwen doesn’t pinpoint those things for you but she’s got the knack and training to bring these things out of you; to peel back the layers. She’s very good at that.”

My business has benefited because I am finally organised, my head is clearer and some long-term problems have been resolved, like business succession. I would definitely like to work with Lilwen again in the field and feel my whole team could benefit from a session in the field.

“To start transforming your business today, contact us on info@innersense.email or call 07964 302476.”

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