Introducing Bronwen Picton-Jones, InnerSense Partner

Bronwen is one of our strategic partners at Innersense Consultants Ltd. Working as an accountant for many years, firstly as part of her fathers’ practice, then taking the practice over when he retired, she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table.

Bronwen is a very family orientated person being the eldest of six children and mothering four children of her own. She was involved with the Young Farmers Club movement for many years and describes these as “some of the best days of my life, we had such fun and we were all so young and seemed to be fairly carefree or so it felt”. Bronwen was secretary of the local Eglwyswrw YFC and arranged exchange visits to other clubs over long weekends e.g. Cardinton YFC in Shropshire and then as secretary of Pembrokeshire YFC International section when she also arranged visits to Northern Ireland and Switzerland and at national level represented Wales on a three-month visit to Finland.

Bronwen is a great believer in small is beautiful – which is how she likes her accountancy practice to be – reachable and personable. Bronwen’s role at Innersense Consultants Ltd is to provide financial support for businesses by providing forecasts and projections and a clear road map for financial success.

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