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As a woman, I have tried to fit into the world of business as if I was an outsider, not really appreciating the power of the feminine and the creative power we all have at an inner level. It’s been a journey of discovery and there is so much truth in saying: the older we get, the wiser we get. Wiser in realising how we view ourselves is squiffed, but this self-image is not real, it’s a lie until we do the inner work and slowly, day by day, we get the truth of how we affect our life and business from the inside out. After hours and years of turning things upside down to try and make sense of things, there is no sense. It’s hidden from our view until we surrender and allow our feelings and the truth of life to unfold. The magic of personal development is specific to everyone but we are all humans, who share a tendency to resist change. 

Why do we resist change though? This is where Innersense comes in. 

We often hear of how the New Zealanders and Australians work to live but all too frequently, this balance is skewed and this side of the pond, we tend to live to work. I remember having a meeting with two young farmers who had both been to New Zealand on work placements for a few years. They talked so warmly about the attitude of working to live, how that was an amazing way to live life and how they wanted to adopt that idea back in the UK. Years later, I asked how they had transformed their life to adopt that philosophy. Embarrassingly, they both agreed they had fallen back to the paradigm of the habit of living to work. 

At Innersense, we help you discover your self-image and passions. When business leaders are holistic in their approach, i.e. recognising that ones personal and work life are intertwined and very much affect each other, you can live and work in harmony and work to your strengths. If you are interested in exploring how holistic leadership could help you and your business, why not create a space where you can meet me here at Innersense?

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