Coming Soon! Lilwen Selina’s new book, Making a Difference

Coming soon – a new book by Lilwen Selina Joynson with a foreword by Bob Proctor and an endorsement from Lynn Thomas, CEO of EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association).

‘Making a Difference’ is the personal account of Lilwen Selina Joynson and of her trials and tribulations in the discovery of equine-assisted therapy and coaching, launching Horse Sense for Life and InnerSense Consultants and her passion for helping people outside in nature with the magic of horses.

EAGALA certified and BACP registered, Lilwen Selina has worked with over 1000 people either in individual sessions and group or family and corporate work. Her personal delivery is passionate, unique and always looks at solutions for her clients who have gone to flourish and develop their lives and families following the powerful interaction with Horse Sense for Life and the team. So much so that it was a natural progression to launch InnerSense Consultants in March 2020 and the response has been welcomed, albeit with online webinars some of the testimonials are below for you to read.

Discovering the impact this work can have on people and their lives, the type of results they can get from these sessions motivates Lilwen Selina in her ambition and goal to offer this service to an even wider range of clients.

To find out more about this book, Lilwen’s works and the benefits it can have, head to If you would like to be added to our mailing list where you will be notified as soon as the book becomes available and other key updates from HorseSense for Life, contact Lilwen on

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