elevating performance

Solution Focused

If you are a corporate company or business who would benefit by developing leadership skills and team development.

Our experienced facilitators will plan a bespoke programme to get a specific outcome for your problem.

Simply we offer two programmes.


Increased genuine authenticity to support business in delivery and results


Increased genuine authenticity to support business in delivery and results
  • We start in the room with getting clarity around a business issue, concern or poor performance
  • Working with the senior directors and senior leaders to get clear outcomes they are looking to achieve
  • Focusing on solutions to the business really gets to the core quickly
  • Moving out then to a field to work existentially and get your creative ideas flowing
  • Back to the room to check what we have achieved and build in clarity in communication and delivery

This model and practice of working shifts things from the inside out.
Lifting the unconscious blocks and patterns that holds us back from fully integrating solutions to our problems. We refer to this as embodied change, so it sticks.

How It Happens

An influential leader has confidence, presence, authenticity and humanity. The horses enable you to explore your true power. If you can get a half tonne horse to choose to follow you of its own free will then the rest will be easy.

“I have attended and delivered hundreds of leadership and team building events in my career however this session was one of the most effective at catalysing learning on the spot.”

Learning by doing outside of your board room

Embodied shifts happen naturally with Horse Coaching and Learning

Get out of your comfort zone for fast results

Using metaphors and horse observations we get to work through the blocks and stops in our learning and development

Why Us?

  • We use the EAGALA Model ( Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) a global standard of delivery
  • Two qualified facilitators
  • Experienced and hands on business management at directorship

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